I guess I consider myself now middle middle age as I turn 52 this spring. I am a man who enjoys a variety of things; I like to say I just enjoy life. I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, photography (nature and birds), reading, and spending time with my family. I truly love being a father, and having a 24 and 23 year old who are still active in my life as they are pursuing their own is rewarding.

I enjoy taking long drives, viewing geological and scientific sites combined with historical sites.  Of course I enjoy astronomical observing, mainly deep sky objects with double stars and some lunar and planetary observing.  Just depends on the time of the month and what the skies are like.  I sketch not because I think I am some great artist or sketcher,  I’m not. I’m a decent nature scenery painter, and I do okay with sketching but sketching  always allows me to really slow down at the eyepiece, and observe the object I’m at. I’ve grown as an individual from it, and as an observer, and yes, as crude as my sketches are, I’ve grown from doing it. It is that growth that sustains me in the hobby.

To sum me up is the Latin Motto of: Ago Puteur, Rideo risis risum Sepius, Diligo Ultum, which if my crude Latin works should translate close to Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.  Do those three things and I am convinced one will have a very rewarding life, regardless of circumstance. Doesn’t mean life isn’t hard and difficult at times, it just helps even during those times to do those three things.

Finally music plays a huge if not major role in my life. Everyone in my family is musically talented save me. Well, that’s not true, I have never developed my musical ability. However, I love, understand and enjoy music. It truly is an enrichment to my life. I’m often asked what genre I like. It truly depends on what I am doing, my mood, and life.  I love 1970’s and 1980’s rock, some groups of the 1990’s. I deeply find Jazz and Big Band music delightful and love classical music. Aaron Copland with his majestic and reflective tones and landscapes, takes me soaring through the landscape of North America, but soaring through life. I love his Promise of Life which can be heard over at YouTube at this address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLVyRvp2Qbg&feature=related  I also love the music and the verses for Simple Gifts. Ralph Vaughn Williams is another personal favorite composer. Sometimes when I observe I simply listen to the music of the night. Other times, I play music that I enjoy softly so I can hear it, not loud enough to disturb.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you very much for your work, for your sites to which you want to learn
    how to make astronomical pictures, always enjoy reading your new
    message. Regards, Paul, Russia, St. Petersburg.
    I apologize for my English.

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for looking at my sketches and my blog! I appreciate your comment and your English is fine. I can understand it perfectly. Hope your skies are clear.

  3. Jay I am working through the AL H II project and found your collection of sketches and was blown away. Absolutely excellent work you have accomplished. I make crude “stick diagrams” at the scope so that I can check my work later but nothing to compare with what you have done. Thank you for posting your efforts. It is so difficult to check on oneself with many of the obscure DSO’s to find out if one is even in the ballpark by using available astrophotography. Your postings are a real asset for observational amateurs.

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