Welcome to my Gallery of Sketching . . .

Welcome to what I hope is a home for my sketches from the Messier to the Herschel 400 to many other objects that I observe.  I’m not going to use this to replace my other blog, this is just a site for my sketches where they are by category of catalog and by type of object.  I hope someone finds a use for these.  My sketches are mostly done at the scope and I use a process called the Mellish Method shared with me by Alexander Massey and found at this link at Ice in Space.  Scott Mellish lived in Australia, was a member of the Astronomical Society of New South Wales and you can view his album over at Astronomy Sketch of the Day at this link, and a memorial that ASOD did for Scott at this link. I have started to do use my drafting pencils with lead (HB, H, 2H, 4H, 6H etc) on white paper to make a sketch at the scope, a rough sketch, with plenty of notes on details and then use that to make a sketch at home using the Mellish method. For my winter observing I think that is working quite well.


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